~ Trekking through Time ~

Joyce Holt

author of historical fantasy

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Hero's Shield: book 1 in the Tapestry of Cumbria
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        Hero's Shield

Hero's Shield

Otherworldly creatures prowl the wildwoods that cloak the Isle of the Mighty. Rome once claimed this land, calling it Britannia, but they fled decades ago.

Native Bryts rose again to power. Across the mountains and moors now rule thirteen kings.

No longer thirteen. Twelve. Eleven.

Unknown to those in the west, two kingdoms in the east have fallen to Angul hordes -- invaders who hunger for even more land.

Blocking their path into the mountainous west stands one headstrong young woman -- Gwen ferch Draig, daughter of heroes, nimble of foot and tongue, confident of her prowess with the sword, revelling in her parents' legacy of courage.

But among the first invaders comes a ruthless sorceror wielding magic stolen from the Fair Folk. How can Gwen defend her folk when stripped of every strength and skill?

Publisher's Weekly* calls HERO'S SHIELD:
"A tale of fantasy in which magic, folklore, and history are seamlessly interwoven."

* Publishers Weekly is a major international news organization
specializing in the field of book publishing and bookselling.

Above quotes: from a 2013 review of the book in manuscript form.

  HERO'S SHIELD is the first book in the series   TAPESTRY OF CUMBRIA

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*** Available on Amazon, in trade paperback and Kindle ebook formats! ***

proposed cover for Troll and Trylleri
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        Troll and Trylleri

Troll and Trylleri

In the troll-haunted mountains of the north, three young women guard their secrets.

~ The lovely one, a king's daughter, plots treason. ~ Her maid, unwilling pawn of the Norns, lays plans to flee her headstrong, sharp-tongued mistress. ~ The third, an ugly goat-herder, masquerades among the human folk of this high mountain dale, hiding from her own monstrous kin.

In TROLL AND TRYLLERI, set in 9th century Norway, man-hungry trolls seize the king's daughter. The serving girl drops her plans for escape and plunges into the Otherworld after her mistress, armed with nothing but the goat-herder's advice and a magic key.

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Spun Again: old tales retold -- published on Amazon
          Spun Again:
        old tales retold

Spun Again:

Old Tales Retold

Folklore spun into flash fiction for a quick, nerve-tingling read. Do you dare encounter the otherworldly creatures prowling the wilds of Scandinavia? Beware!

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