Thirteen Kingdoms of the North

chart of the Golden Age of the Thirteen Kingdoms of the North

Expanded chart showing these realms from 382-620AD

Gwyr y Gogledd : the Men of the North

In the mid-sixth century, nine of these kingdoms in the "neck of Britain"
were ruled by Coel Hen's descendants...
who intermarried with the rulers of the other four realms --
Gododdin, Lleuddiniawn, Ystrad Clud, and Novant.

Thirteen Kingdoms of the North -- 535-547AD

Altogether, they were called the Men of the North
by their distant kin in Gwynedd (later Wales) to the south.
Sometimes these kings allied against a mutual enemy,
but more often they bickered and feuded among themselves.

The Brits came to use the letter W to represent the vowel "ooh"
so Gwyr is pronounced "GOO-ur."

When in an unstressed syllable, Y is a neutral "ih" vowel.

Double D is sounded like "th" in "the," "that," or "this" but not like in "with."
Gogledd is pronounced "GO-gleth" with the accent on the first syllable.