readers' comments on BRIGAND'S  BLADE

    I loved that Gwen, our wannabe warrior woman grows and matures in this second book. The fact that she is not perfect makes for a great story. Lessons are learned in this action-packed adventure. Great reading!

~ M. Potter, June 2018

    Joyce Holt has once more satisfied my greed for a well woven story. The main character develops and learns much about her world, the past and the people she loves and travels with. More myths and legends come to life and hints of the first in the series are well presented rather than mere repetition.
    Well crafted story.

~ J. Clarke, July 2018

    Riveting! I really loved the historical blended with the fantastic and magical. Wonderful book! Now I need to go read book 1 and 3!

~ K. Garcia, August 2018

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