50 Sketches by
Frederick William Hurst

Sketched in 1875 and 1876 while on his mission to New Zealand

These sketches brought to you
through the efforts of Jon Kramer,
great-great-grandson of Frederick Wm Hurst.
Jon's family has the original sketchbook,
a legacy beyond price.
Thanks for this wonderful gift, Jon!

Try clicking on one of these small sketches
to see a larger version in a new window.

scene in Africa: Nov 1875

Nov 25, 1875

Colima: Nov 25, 1875

a sailing ship

rounding Cape Horn: Nov 1875

Seal rocks and Cliff House in San Francisco: Nov 6,1875

San Francisco: Nov 1875

Finger Rock, Weber Canyon, Utah: Dec 1, 1875

scene in Honolulu, Sandwich Islands: Nov 20, 1875

One Thousand Mile Tree in Weber Canyon, Utah:  Dec 2, 1875

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