Sharon Holt is a direct descendant of Frederick William Hurst.

For one of her Laurel Projects,
Sharon created a detailed index
of Frederick William Hurst's diary.
It is not yet available electronically,
but was referred to by the web site creator
to quickly assemble links in this website.

Frederick William Hurst
born 30 June 1833 on Isle of Jersey
        Samuel Harris Hurst
        born 11 June 1862 in Sugar House, Utah (??)
                Howard Joseph Hurst
                born 17 Dec 1901 in Thatcher, Idaho
                        Virginia Hurst (married Norval Simonson)
                        born 4 May 1932 in Vernal, UT
                                Joyce Simonson (married Mark Holt)
                                        Sharon Holt (married John L. Butler VI)