readers' comments on HERO'S  SHIELD

    This tale kept me on the edge of my chair trying to read faster to find out what would happen next. I'm hoping to read the continuing story soon.

~ Aleta, April 2018

    A wonderful tale of dreams, hopes, foolish deeds, courage and friendship woven into a tapestry of myths and legends. I look forward the the next in the series.

~ J. Clarke, May 2018

    A fantastic page turner with compelling characters and mythical beings woven together with wonderful old English/Scottish dialect... I could hardly wait to finish so I could start the next book.

~ M. Potter, June 2018

    I had never heard of the author Joyce Holt before, but in our Book Club one of our members knows Joyce. She came to our book club, explained how she came up with the ideas, showed us the research she had done. The stories came even more to life.
    I have 3 daughters who will love the main character Gwen as she tries to save Bryt land from the Anguls. With fairies and mythical creatures galore this is a fun adventure for those who like fantasy and adventure with far from perfect people. I enjoyed watching Gwen trying to figure out two realms, the fairy world and Cumbria in the 6th century.

~ anonymous, November 2018

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