Publishers Weekly Review* of

Hero's Shield

April 2013

"A feisty heroine with a brave heart and a lust for adventure distinguishes this historical sword-and-sorcery fantasy. Seventeen-year-old Gwen ferch Draig, the proud daughter of a fallen hero of the mountain clans, hopes to represent her family in a war that has erupted in medieval Brytain, but she loses the contest to her cousin [aunt] Enit. Troubled that evening by fantastic dreams of her father holding off an attack, Gwen regards the dreams as a [sic] visions and follows their recognizable topography to the Giants' Pen.

"Alas, the visions are a ruse perpetrated by her father's nemesis, the sorcerer Edric of the Anguls, who has lured Gwen to the wilderness to transform her into a horse and take her captive. Gwen's encounter with Edric is both magical and dramatic, but its outcome dims Gwen's engaging fiery spirit and deprives her of her speech, which had been as bold as her actions. The story's focus shifts at this point to Gwen's efforts to free herself from Edric, and make others realize the enchantment worked upon her.

"A better-than-average tale of fantasy in which magic, folklore, and history are seamlessly interwoven."

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This review was written based on a manuscript version of the book and not a published version.