Pitch for
Troll and Trylleri

Born to hardship in the lofty mountains of ninth-century Norway, fate thrusts Jorunn Knutsdatter into service to an imperious young noblewoman. Jorunn's only ally, and an unwilling one at that, is an ugly goat-herder -- a runaway bride from the realm of trolls.

One of Thor's chariot-goats keeps butting into Jorunn's affairs, bringing her cryptic messages from the Norns. "Why me?" she asks him, appalled that the Fates have their eyes on her and block her escape. "Why now? I must flee home to rescue my sister!" But Jorunn is the first unstable pebble of the avalanche that will change the history of the North.

A 116,000-word dose of historical fantasy set in the Viking age, TROLL AND TRYLLERI is based on the legends, mythology and semi-historical sagas of Norway.

I have walked many of the sites in
in Telemark and Valdres and Hordaland.

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