~ Trekking through Time ~

Joyce Holt

author of historical fantasy

panorama illustration of books in the series Tapestry of Cumbria

Welcome to this little realm of tales
from the far reaches of time!

Here you'll find historical-fantasy novels wheeling back into the Dark Ages,
and science fiction novels flung into the distant future.

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Historical Fantasy

    cover of Troll and Trylleri

Check out my five-book series, "Tapestry of Cumbria,"
set in the mountains of northwestern England,
and a stand-alone novel, TROLL AND TRYLLERI ,
set in 9th century Norway.

Hungering to delve into the factual past?
Try out my series of newsletters ~
accounts from around the world,
with "current event" articles from each issue's featured year,
in "Banners in the Mist"

Science Fiction

Or perhaps you'd rather leap into the distant future
with my science fiction trilogy, "Phoenix Afire."

Terraforming a barren earthlike planet? Good.
Bioengineering with unwitting human subjects? Bad.

In EPITOME, one daring young woman on an uncharted island
strives to end the subtle tyranny of rogue scientists...

...using clues left behind by a heroine more than two centuries earlier, in the time-shifting novel PERIHELION.

The someday novel CHIMERA will follow two young heroes on diverging paths around their terraformed planet as they seek for final justice.

Don't have time for novels?
Try my short stories and flash fiction.
Each week there's a new 500-word tale on my blog,
"Wildwood Wandering."

On my flash fiction page you'll find
links to a reader/writer online community
where more of my short-short tales currently reside.

NEW!   Watch for these features throughout this site:
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Flash Fiction Anthologies

Would you like to binge on flash fiction, rather than one blogged tale a week?
Find collections of my earlier short works for sale
on my Amazon author page.

SPUN AGAIN 1 brings you 44 folktales from all across Scandinavia,
retold for the busy modern reader in no more than 500 words each.

SPUN AGAIN 2 brings you 51 folktales from Telemark, Norway ~
a remote mountain province haunted by trolls and elves.

ONE SEA, MANY SHORES spins tales from coasts around the world.

HAUNTS holds 13 (lucky? unlucky?) spooky tales of varying length.

Low prices on paperbacks!

Only $11-13 per paperback novel... and less for the anthologies.

Priced even lower:

$2.99 per Kindle ebook, or only $14.95 for the whole 5 book series!

collage of series covers
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~ Available on Amazon, in trade paperback and Kindle ebook formats! ~

panorama illustration of books in the series Tapestry of Cumbria