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Media Kit: Joyce Holt

author of historical fantasy

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Author and medieval re-enactor Joyce Holt, a computer programmer in an earlier stage of life, often drops out of the wired world.

You can find her practicing her Celtic harp, langeleik and fipple flute; plying the ancient crafts of tablet weaving and sprang netting; singing old Norwegian songs (lyrics, her own translation) at medieval demonstrations put on by the Society for Creative Anachronism; and sewing historically-accurate garb for performances.

Holt recently learned how to cast pewter jewelry -- rather worrisome when you consider she has counterfeiters up her family tree!

Like most of those born in the Pacific Northwest, Joyce Holt and her husband can "point to three active volcanoes at any time, even when they're obscured by clouds and rain." (local saying) Holt loves to travel, especially when doing research for her historical-fantasy novels, but home will always be the cool misty jungles of western Washington state.

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Joyce Holt, author of historical fantasy

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Joyce Holt's historical fantasy has placed high in literary contests, including several times at the one associated with Pacific Northwest Writers Association.

She's had two stage plays produced on a community level, one historical and one urban fantasy.

See Holt's credits page for full details.