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Media Kit: Joyce Holt

author of historical fantasy

cover for Troll and Trylleri
        Troll and Trylleri

Troll and Trylleri

In the troll-haunted mountains of ninth century Norway, three young women guard their secrets.

~ The lovely one, a king's daughter, plots treason. ~ Her maid, unwilling pawn of the Norns, lays plans to flee her headstrong, sharp-tongued mistress. ~ The third, an ugly goat-herder, masquerades among the human folk of this high mountain dale, hiding from her own monstrous kin.

In TROLL AND TRYLLERI, the low-born maid drops her plans for escape when an ogre seizes the king's daughter. She plunges into the Otherworld after her mistress, armed with nothing but her own wits, the goat-herder's advice, and a magic key.

Spun Again: old tales retold -- published on Amazon
      Spun Again:
    old tales retold

Spun Again: old tales retold

by Joyce Holt

Folklore spun into flash fiction for a quick, nerve-tingling read. Do you dare encounter the otherworldly creatures prowling the wilds of Scandinavia? Beware!

 New Release

Spun Again 2: old tales retold -- published on Amazon
      Spun Again 2:

Spun Again 2: Telemark

by Joyce Holt

More flash fiction spun from folklore. Eerie things happen in the haunted mountains of Telemark, Norway...

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