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Down from Homme's Crest

Glimpses from factual family history
told in a tale of fiction

back row, on left: Torjus Loupedalen
distant relative and avid collector of parish information.
Also pictured: his brother and parents.

Behind the dry, dusty names in our family history
walk real people with hopes and dreams,
fears and challenges.

We know the dates and places of major events,
but not the circumstances surrounding them.
We have no record of friendships,
home-building, or celebrations.

Trying to bring our ancestors to life,
I have woven story strands
of possible happenings and conversations
onto the framework of real lives lived long ago.

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In this account, every named person and place is factual.

Except where otherwise noted, life events (births, marriages, deaths)
truly occurred in the year indicated: factual.

Records from before 1800 rarely show which month an event happened,
so the season of year mentioned within this work
is often of the writer's invention: fictional.

All dialogue is purely fictional ~ with one exception.

View down from Hommesnip
The view down from Homme's Crest

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A thousand thanks to these folks!

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1701: inheritance

Liv Steinarsdotter~
a glorious dawn

1730: bridal procession
1736: greeting Gygri
1743: by the waterfall
1744: Torjus the Kind
1745: two fir seedlings
1747: twins and porridge
1750: golden morning

Liv Steinarsdotter~
storms and sunbreaks

1750-1752: barley mush
1755: the ice-road
1756: snipp, snapp, snoo
1759: ugly me!
1760-1763: seven brooms
1765: tangled webs
1767: guardian ash tree
1768: bridge of stars
1770-1776: grumpy nisse
1777: across the sea
1779: living in barns
1782-1787: Adam and Eve
1788-1792: hinterlands
1797: the oldest one there
1799: corner chimney
1800-1803: sunset

Four Farms~ Homme, Ċe, Dalen, & Brekke

1807: evil stepmothers
1809: the fighting Norse
1811-1812: freezing fields
1814: the Constitution
1816: fire and brimstone
1819: too many Halvors
1823: plunge into poverty
1824-1827: troll manners

Two Farms~
Homme & Ċe

1828: rolling pin
1829: dwarf on skis
1832: too few Halvors
1834-1837: snow dancing
1839: shield and spear
1842: barrel scrapings
1843: snowballing


thereafter: inheritance