Ancestors of Aurelia Hawkins

~ from Gordon Hurst ~

Charlotte Savage Hawkins: Aurelia's mother
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Charlotte Savage Hawkins
Mother Of Aurelia Hawkins Hurst.
Aurelia Was The Wife Of Frederick William Hurst Sr.
Charlotte And Husband Samuel Harris Hawkins, With Five
Children Were Baptized 25 Oct. 1848 in London, England.
Samuel Was Well To Do Financially. He Raised His Family
Close To The Royal Family Of England.
As A Family (With Six Children) They Began Immigration
To Utah 10 Nov. 1849. Their 5 1/2 Year Old Son Conalbert
Died In St. Louis 10 June 1850. Husband And Father
Samuel Harris Hawkins Died Near Winter Quarters (Age 48)
22 Jan. 1852.
Charlotte And Five Children Arrived In Utah After Much
Difficulty And With No Money.

original photo of the portrait

~ from Cynthia Hendrix White ~

Charlotte Savage Hawkins (1805-1887):
Aurelia's mother

One source says that Charlotte Savage (1805-1887) was lady-in-waiting to the queen of England, but the time frame doesn't seem to fit. She married in 1829 at age 24. If she debued in society at age 15, she would have been fit for this position between 1820 and 1829. Serving Queen Adelaide?

Cynthia H. White believes it was Charlotte's mother Ann Creighton (1778-1833) who was lady-in-waiting. (see three portraits down) Ann married in 1801 at age 23. She could have served in court from 1795 to 1801...for Queen Charlotte? (just guesswork...)

There was Queen Charlotte, married in 1761 to George III. She died in 1818.

There was Queen Caroline, married in 1795 to George IV, but separated shortly afterwards. She lived in Italy for several years. George IV lobbied hard to get a divorce, but failed. She died in 1821 not long after returning to England.

There was Queen Adelaide, married in 1818 to William IV. She died in 1849.

There was Queen Victoria, born in 1819, who came to the throne in 1837 after the deaths of her uncles George IV and William IV. She died in 1901.

Which of Aurelia's ancestors was lady-in-waiting to which queen?

Another photo of Charlotte Savage Hawkins:
Aurelia's mother

Samuel Harris Hawkins (1804-1852):
Aurelia's father

Ann Creighton Hawkins (1778-1833):
Aurelia's paternal grandmother
(mother of Samuel)

"My understanding is it was Aurelia's grandmother (Ann Creighton) who was the 'lady-in-waiting'."

James Creighton (1739-1819):
Aurelia's great-grandfather
(Ann Creighton's father)