Sunday, April 6th, Palawai. Met with the Saints before breakfast. At about eleven o'clock we met in the capacity of Conference. Including my Brother there were 21 haules (whites) present. Commenced as usual by singing and prayer, remarks by President Silas Smith. According to the reports given by the several conferences there were several less than last conference. The Saints generally feel better than they did last year. In the afternoon Brother Caine gave in a report which showed that the mission was in a much more prosperous condition than formerly, that most of the debts were liquidated. In the evening Brother Caine gave a lecture on the first principles, followed by some of the Brethren.

April 7th. Held meeting with the native Saints. It fell to my lot to be bugler so I had to be up at dawn every morning. Met again at 10:00 a.m. to resume the business of the conference. As Brother Silas Smith has been declining for some two months past it was thought wisdom to release him honorably from the mission. Although Brother Smith has been but a short time on the mission he has done a good work and is a good faithful man. Brother Caine then read over a list of names showing our various fields of labour for the next six months. Brother W. King and I were called to labour on the Island of Oahu under the direction of President John T. Caine. We held a vocal meeting in the evening; that is each one spoke his feelings. I never saw such unity as there is and has been all through conference. Brother Bell was called to assist on board the vessel Lanai under the direction of President E. Partridge. My brother, C. C. Hurst, was called to assist in the Lanai conference and learn the language.

April 8th. Met with the natives in the morning early. Met again at 10:00 a.m. and each of the brethren spoke our feelings. In the afternoon we were all blessed and set apart for our different fields of labour.

April 9th. Twelve of us started to go to our fields of labour, but the boat leaked so bad that it was thought best for three of us to return. Accordingly, Brothers West, Thurston, and myself returned to Palawai where we stayed till Monday the 14th. I had forgotten to state that while I was bathing I cut my foot very severely with a rock and it is still very bad. After a four hour passage on Monday we arrived at Lahaina at about 3:00 p.m. and took passage the same evening on board the Haalileo Schooner and on Tuesday about 9:00 a.m. we arrived at this place, Honolulu. On account of my sore foot I have not been able to stir out much. I spent Tuesday evening at Brother Evan's and found him and his family all well.

April 18th, Honolulu. Brothers Ward Pack and S. Molen started for Kauwai; also Sides came back from the coast. Brother King and I took tea at Brother Evan's.

April 19th. Sides came to see us. Gave us a history of his travels. He says San Bernardino is the worst place he ever saw in his life. That the people are all starving to death owing to the great famine. Reports the Saints to be the DAMNDEST set he ever saw. The city he could not find for there was none, all he found was a small village. The land is so covered with saluradous that nothing will grow. That Brother C. C. Rich is the best and only good man there.

Sunday, April 20th. Met with the native Saints at 10:00 a.m. Brother King spoke first, then myself, and I was followed by Brother Silas S. Smith. We adjourned for one hour, and then met again. Begged for means to assist Brother Silas S. to return to the Valley.

April 22nd. I was taken very bad with severe cold chills on Sunday evening which left me with a high fever and kept me in bed all day yesterday. Today Brother King and I went up to the falls and bathed and I have felt much better since. The fever has entirely left me; but I have no appetite.

April 23rd. Brother King and I went to Waikalulu to hold meeting. Very few attended. I spent the evening at Brother Story's.

April 24th. Brother King and I went to Puiwa and held a meeting; after which we bathed.

April 25th. Spent the day studying. Wrote to my brother, Clement, in Lanai.

April 26th, Kualakai. I started in company with Lililehua, a native Elder, to visit my field of labour in the various branches, namely Ewa, Kualakai, Wahiawa, Waialua. We tried in vain to get horses. We reached Ewa about midday and found four Saints only. We got some bananas, poi and wild onions. After resting we pressed on to this place, got here just after dark. The Saints felt well but had nothing to eat so we went supperless to bed.

April 27th, Wahiawa. We held meeting at Kualakai this morning, I preached. About 12:00 Noon we got a couple of horses and by very hard riding we reached this place about four o'clock; about 20 miles and very rough roads. Had a little to eat, I then preached to a good full house.

Feel pretty well. On Monday and Tuesday, my foot being very sore, I kept in the house all the time. Our President's wife died on the 16th inst. He is very sick, his name is Kalalakahiki.

April 30th, Waialua. I baptized Kalalakahiki at daylight for his health. Got a couple of horses, one was rather wild. I got on his back, he jumped and kicked and at last threw me over his head. I alighted on my feet unhurt. I changed horses. We rode very smart where we could, the road new, rough. We cut across the country, ascended a very steep mountain; so steep that I had to get off and lead my horse for I had no gist to my saddle. When we got half way up the hill we met a herd of wild cattle. We got up on top of a small hill on the upper side of the road among some trees; just had time to tie our horses and climb to the top of a tree. Along they came right under us;. Fortunately they did not rush our horses. We left our horses about two miles from here, had some poi and raw fish to eat and arrived here about five o'clock and put up at Elder Kaaiai's house. Spent the evening very agreeably talking and answering a variety of questions.

This I find is a general custom among the Saints here. Every newcomer that comes among them, they get their bible and ask the meaning of this and that and the other to see if we Elders have different opinions on the scriptures. And also to see if he is well versed in the scriptures. I happened to answer satisfactory every question put to me. They then said that even if I was young I was smart in the scriptures.

May 1st. Held meeting this morning. I preached followed by Lililehua. Lililehua left me to return to Honolulu. We fasted all day. In the evening Kaaiai and I went to see some of the brethren. Then had long arguments pertaining to this Church. My foot keeps me from getting about much yet. Wrote to Brother Caine.

May 3rd. I baptized three young men this morning; namely Henery Robert Barker, MuKu, and John Numela. I also had a fine swim; crossed the river in an old rush canoe, got a quantity of figs, returning the canoe capsized and turned us out into the river.

Waialua Oahu, Sunday, May 4th. Held two meetings. I spoke on the necessity of living the principles we profess. At the second meeting I spoke on the Lord's Supper after which we confirmed the three I baptized yesterday. I then gave the Saints a chance to speak, whereupon two got up and confessed they had committed adultery, drinking. I had quite a job to settle this as the Saints were not willing to forgive them. I took them outside and talked with them. I told them they would have to be baptized over again, that is the way we got the thing settled. The Saints do not feel at all well in this place.

May 5th. Spent all morning studying. In the evening I took a walk around this place with Henery Barker. Spent the evening talking about Australia.

May 6th. I went to see the Catholic Chapel. Had a long argument with a native Catholic about the Church of Christ being built on Peter's back. It is a rare job to get anything to eat here.

May 7th. Held meeting in the afternoon. Four members attended. Sat up near all night arguing.

May 8th. The natives are having a great feast. The weather is very hot. I bathed twice today. Not being able to get anything to eat till near night I went in search of figs. I was very successful for I got as many as I could eat. Plenty of figs grow wild in this place.

May 10th. I baptized a young woman named Kauki. Fasted most of the day. The weather is very warm.

May 11th, Sunday. Held two meetings. I spoke on the rise of the Church and baptism. I believe this is the worst branch on the whole Island. The Saints are just full of the Spirit of the Devil instead of the Spirit of the Lord. When I was speaking today I felt that it was like pouring water on a duck's back, or to very little profit. Very few Saints attended, and what did did not feel well.

May 17th. Owing to having no pen I cannot write every day. It is now the 17th of May. I am still at Waialua, daily expecting Elder William King from Kaulau. I am just barefoot and at present a very poor prospect of getting a pair. Yesterday one of the Saints here, the President of the branch, said they liked the Calvinists best for they had plenty of money; but we Mormon Elders were very poor and therefore the Saints despised us. I therefore packed up and left his place. He asked me where I was going and I said I was going to Kaianai's house to live. He was then sorry and wanted me to stop till after Sunday; but I had previously made arrangements with Kaianai to live with him, the same place where Elder W. W. Cluff lived when he was here. He then offered me his boots but they were much too large. He then gave me a white shirt and vest and offered to carry my bag to my new lodgings.

I spent the evening very agreeably talking about the Victoria Gold Mines and the earthquake in New Zealand. Just as I laid down to rest I had the pleasure of seeing a centipede about six inches long. We hunt the reptiles to death.

I have been trying all week to get work to earn something with which to get shoes but have not yet succeeded. I have spent most of the day with a white man named Wilson. He lives close by; I have borne my testimony to him that this work is of God. We very frequently talk about Mormonism. He is an Englishman, very free and seems good natured, always very glad to see me. He has been very sick for a long time with the dysentery and is now just getting better, though he is still very weak. I put up a seat for him out in front of the house. On the whole I am very comfortable or would be if the Saints had a little more love for the truth. I have been troubled all week with a swelled face and the toothache.

May18th, Sunday. Met with the so called Saints. I preached on "The Prophesy's", very few Saints attended. Tried to get a pair of shoes but did not succeed. Spent the evening with Mr. Wilson, wrote out a will for him.

May 19th. Brother King arrived from Kaulau about 12 o'clock a.m. We spent the evening very agreeably.

May 20th. Brother King and I went to Emerson's, did not get any letters. We also went around among the Saints to stir them to come to meeting; we managed to get about a dozen together in the afternoon, Brother King preached.

May 21st. Brother King and I started for Honolulu at day light, got about 16 miles and then met President Silas Smith and Brother Eli Bell on their way to this place. We turned back and when we had traveled about six miles we had a good swim and then proceeded back to this place and arrived about 3 or 4 o'clock p.m. My feet blistered dreadfully. Spent the evening agreeably talking and singing.

May 22nd. Held meeting with the Saints about holding school to teach them English; a great many propositions made but nothing settled. Adjourned till Tuesday. In the evening we got to talking with the Saints about worshipping Gods; such as Sharks, Lizards, etc. Found out that most if not all of the Saints on this Island worship them to this day.

May 25th. Nothing in particular occurred on Friday or Saturday. We met three times today, the Saints turned out well. After the first meeting I baptized three and rebaptized one into the Church. In the evening we met about the school again. It was agreed that each should pay three dollars per year. I commence, if all is well on Tuesday morning at ten o'clock.

May 26th. Spent most of the day reading, "The Life of a Whaler." In the evening I read, "The Life of Robert Bayes."

May 27th. We commenced the school this morning with 11 members only after all the fuss about a school. Met at 10:00 a.m., out at 12:00; met again at 2:00pm., out again at 4:00. We all went down to the river and had a swim. The brethren are making preparations to start for Waianai in the morning so I will be left alone a short time again.

May 28th. A. Kilawa started to Waianai on horseback. They managed to get a horse each after a great deal of trouble. I find it is very interesting teaching school. . . [page torn]

May 29th. Brother Smith and Brother Eli have arrived here from ____________ this afternoon. Brought letters. . . [page torn] . . . Silas. We spent the evening till a very late hour talking about Lanai.

May 30th. Had quite a disturbance with the children today. I told them if they did not behave I would turn them all out of the school and leave them all together.

May 31st. Went round among the Saints to stir them up.

June 1st, Sunday. Tried to get a horse to go to Waialei, but did not succeed. Held two meetings after which Brother Kailihune and I went to hear the Reverend Emerson preach. The subject of his discourse was Mormonism. Said they did not believe in the Bible, that they were followers of Mohamet.

[Here several days' entries are torn out]

June 7th. I went up to see the Reverend Mr. Emerson. Had a long argument with him on Mormonism; but I haven't the time to write the particulars.

June 8th, Sunday. Held two meetings. Administered the Sacrament. Brother Bell baptized two yesterday. Blessed two children today.

This is Saturday. I have not been able to write all week but there has been nothing of importance. Brothers Bell and Kailihune started round to Wahiawa on Monday morning and returned yesterday. Report the Saints very down. I have spent the week as usual, teaching school, which is rather a hard task. However, I feel well in health and spirits. I still feel to do all I can to help build up the kingdom of God. Brother Bell and I are rather hard up for clothing, all our shirts fairly torn to rags; all out at the elbows; in fact I am a perfect rag muffin. If it were not for the work I am engaged in I would be ashamed to be seen. I have tried to get work but cannot. I do not trouble myself, the Lord will provide; at any rate He is my only trust.

I received four letters today from Clement, and one from Brother Caine. One of the letters from Clement contained news concerning the building of the Mission House at Lanai. On the third inst President Silas Smith, W. W. Cluff, Brother Rogers and Joseph Smith lost their trunks and one of the brethren lost his Journals and valuable papers. I have lost a large red blanket besides several other things.

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