Tuesday, Wall Diggings, May 12th. After breakfast we laid hands on Sister Johnston at her request as she was sick. She got up and went right to work. We bade them all farewell and after a walk of 14 miles reached this place. Found Mr. Outhouse and family well. Although he is an apostate he is friendly to the Mormons. After resting a while we walked about one mile and a half back to Wall City where we enjoyed a room. I wrote out and stuck up notices, much to the derision of the bystanders. We then went to a retired place and called on our Father to aid and assist us to get up in His Power and tell men the truth. A Mr. Goodenough got us a room. Mr. James Smith (they are both apostates) furnished lights. We had quite a large congregation. Clem spoke first, very fine and with spirit. I followed, etc. The people behaved well.

After meeting a Mrs. Bell, formerly a Mormon, came forward and shook hands with us. She commenced telling us how sorry she was for leaving the valley. I told her that she was not the only one that, Jonah like, had tried to run away from the Lord, and that they would be glad this day if they were back again. Although it was 10 o'clock and dark, we walked back to Mr. Outhouse's. All in bed.

Wednesday, Michigan Bar. We reached here about 3 o'clock p.m., introduced ourselves to Mr. Lacklunt Tale Kenper. He is a kind of a Jack Mormon. He treated us very gentlemanly. I engaged Mr. Gray's Hall, as usual stuck up notices to the effect that we would hold meeting at early candlelight. From eighty to one hundred attended. I understand they tried to get a Methodist on the floor to oppose us but he declined. The meeting passed off quiet and peaceable. I spoke on the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of men.

Thursday, Drummersville, May 14th. We arrived at this place about 11 a.m. Found Sister Simmons well and glad to see us. Sister Panel is sickly. I appointed a meeting and went around and told the miners, etc. We had quite a good meeting in the evening. Clem spoke first and I followed, etc.

Friday, Willow Springs, May 15th. After a walk of seven miles, we arrived here and put up at Brother Thomas Hindley's. In the evening we held meeting. Brother and Sister Rily live here. We are trying to sell off their stock to gather to San Bernardino.

Saturday, Dry Town, May 16th. Walked to Dry Town and put up at Brother Plunket's. We found them all well and glad to see us.

Sunday, Dry Town, May 17th. Held three meetings and organized a Branch consisting of nine members, to be called the Dry Town Branch. Also that Brother Thomas Hindley preside, and Brother John Carter set as Clerk. The best kind of spirit prevailed. I preached on the Book of Mormon, etc.

Monday, Dry Town, Amader Co., May 18th. I wrote to Brother Cannon. Held meeting this afternoon. All the Brothers and Sisters bore testimony to the truth of Mormonism. Sister Plunket had the Spirit of Prophecy. She said that the Lord would bless us on our mission, that he would open up a way before us that we should overcome all difficulties, etc. We anointed and laid hands on Brother John Carter for his eyes are very sore, in fact he is not able to work. He has been to the Doctors but they have done more harm than good.

Tuesday, Cedar Ravine, Hang Town, May 19th. After a walk of 25 miles we arrived at Brother Bird's. Found them all well. I had not seen them for over two years. They are anxious to gather to the valley but have not got the means.

Wednesday the 20th. I hunted all over town and at last after great difficulty I succeeded in getting a small Chapel. Pursuant to appointment we met in the evening but only seven persons attended, however, Clem preached and I followed. I have been quite sick all day.

Thursday, May 21st. We spent the day at Brother Herrick's. Had a bath in the canal. I feel better this evening.

May 22nd, Union Town. We arrived here about 3 o'clock p.m. Found Sister Plumtree well and glad to see us. After dinner we got liberty to preach in the Baptist Chapel. According to appointment we met at early candlelight. Bye and bye some people had run off with the bell, however, I went to town and borrowed one. We had the chapel well filled. Some of them tried to make a row and disturb the meeting by strongly calling out, "We believe." etc.

Saturday, May 23rd. Sister Plumtree gave us $8.25 to buy some clothes. I will here state that Brother Hindley gave us $1.50, Brother Plunkett $2.50, Brother Taylor at Hang Town $2.00. We bought a pair of pants and a vest each, etc. Sister Lunceford, before we left, gave us a pocket handkerchief, each a shirt, and Sister Plunkett gave me two new undershirts and Clem a new hat. We secured the Courthouse and appointed a meeting at 2 o'clock p.m. tomorrow. We are staying with Mr. Peter Wimmer Colman.

Sunday, May 24th. I saw the Standard this morning and understand through a letter written by Elder Boyle that Brothers John and Aaron Thatcher would start on the 18th for Salmon Falls. Consequently, as soon as meeting was over we started for the above mentioned place. I would say, however, when meeting was over, Mr. Davis wanted us in to his confectionary shop to eat some pies, etc., after which we went back to Union. Called at Mrs. Plumtree's and bade her farewell, and at sundown we reached this place, White Oak Springs. After supper we held meeting and on Monday we proceeded on to Salmon Falls and when we arrived here the Brethren had started for the place we left last, Sister Heckies. However, they came back again about 3 o'clock p.m. We had quite a time of rejoicing together. As it was very warm we all four went to bathe, etc.

We received an epistle from Brother Sherman which I answered. He states that he will not be able to come here for some time and perhaps Brother M. Wilkie will be appointed to preside in his place, etc.

Tuesday, May 26th, Pleasant Hill. Brother John and Clem started for Whiskey Bar in good spirits, and after dinner we left for Salmon Falls. We left Salmon Falls and arrived here at sundown and now I am at home again. All the folks feel well and healthy. I had almost forgotten to state Sister Allred's little girl died on the tenth inst. We tried to comfort her during our stay.

May 27th, Deer Creek. After a walk of 8 or 9 miles we arrived here at Brother Niswanger's. He had a large family. They treated us kindly. He is going to sell off and go to San Bernardino this season. Next morning I had a long conversation with him about the Sandwich Islands. Afterward we walked to Brother Mill's. Found him and his family well. We held meeting in the evening. We found some Welch Saints. After meeting we sat up singing, etc. This is Clem's eighteenth birthday. My prayer is that he may prove faithful and see many happy returns of the same. Brother George Kemp gave us one dollar.

May 29th, Friday. We appointed a meeting for Monday evening and then walked back to Brother Lunceford's across the county, etc.

Saturday, May 30th, Pleasant Hill. We went over to French Town. Appointed a meeting for Sunday, 3:00 p.m. in the school house. I have felt a kind of low spirit this last day or two. I seem to be tired in both mind and body. I feel there is a great responsibility resting on me, and I feel to realize it more every day. It makes me feel my own nothingness and I feel like putting my trust in the Lord at all times. I feel much better this evening, etc.

Sunday, May 31st. Held two meetings. One at French Creek and one in the evening at Father Lunceford's. We had a good time. On Monday, June 1st, we went to White Rock Springs but owing to so few coming together at their request we postponed the meeting, etc. But such an evening I never wish to spend again as long as I live. Understand these had not renewed their covenants, they talked about Brother Brigham, the twelve, etc., concerning the evil that existed there. One of them said if he met a certain Brother, calling him by name that he would put his knife into him. To speak plain I never want to be in a greater Hell than to be with such characters.

Tuesday, June 2nd. We went to Prairie City. Saw Brother Rutherford. Stayed an hour or so and then walked to Well's diggings. Ate dinner at Sister Bell's. Held meeting in the evening. Quite a number attended. Mr. Outhouse came over and after meeting we returned with him and stayed all night.

Next day, Wednesday, June 3rd, we went and visited with Mr. Pallick on the Casamos River. He told us to make ourselves comfortable but not to mention anything about Mormonism.

Thursday, June 4th. We went to Michigan Bar. Preached in the schoolhouse in the evening to quite a large and attentive audience.

Next morning, June 5th. Went to Drummondville and as they could not keep us after dinner we walked to William Roring's. Found the Brethren well. Sunday we held four meetings. Organized a company to gather by way of San Bernardino. Eleven in number, namely Brother and Sister Royle and their boy, Brother Stanes and five sons, John Carter and L. Ball. I felt to talk plain to the Brothers and Sisters. They made a collection for us. Brother Stanes gave us $10.00, Brother Royle $5.00, Brother Plunkett $5.00, Brother Hindley $5.00, Brother Ball $2.50, Brother Carter $1.00. Monday I gave $15.00 for a coat, $6.00 for boots and shirts, and on Tuesday we walked to Volcane.

After a great deal of difficulty obtained a Baptist Chapel. About a hundred turned out to hear us but when I got through speaking Brother Aaron began but they would not hear him and the meeting broke up in an uproar.

We spent all but 50¢ for supper and bed, and next morning we started to Jackson Mines. Ate breakfast, passed through Acquaduct City, found it almost deserted. We ate dinner at the Pinecrane House after which we walked to Jackson City. Walked all over the town but could get no place to preach in. Consequently we bought 50¢ worth of bread and sausage and slept out in the mountains all night.

Next day, Thursday; set out to Dry Town. Ate dinner, then we went to Willow Springs. The brethren had all started for the South, however, we pulled out the staple with a pick, then opened the other door from the inside and then replaced the staple and lock as before. We then looked around and hunted up some flour and butter, etc., accordingly, while Aaron made a fire, I made some biscuits. However, shortly after breaking in a man came down to see who had broke into the house. We preached Mormonism to him and on the following Sunday, June 14th, we baptized him and confirmed him, etc. We held two meetings.

Monday, June 15th. We walked to Med. Springs. Got liberty to preach in the school house, however, in the evening we lighted up the place and rang the bell to no purpose. Two miserable cusses of apostates came out. Only at their request we returned home with them. They talked about how good they were. Also talked about the brethren of the Church, saying that Mormonism was true, and when the Church first started it was pure but now the head of the Church was like a man with a long stick and as long as they stirred up the mud the stream would be impure. However, they were so good that (although we had had no supper) they neither asked us to eat or stay all night, leaving us to shift for ourselves, etc.

Tuesday the 16th. We walked to Jeany Town where we stayed until Friday. We did considerable fireside preaching but could not get a public place to preach in.

On Friday the 19th, came back to Diamond Springs. Got liberty to preach in Temperance Union Hall, but in the evening one of the trustees came up full of the spirit of the devil and as good as drove us out. Accordingly we left the city and slept under a bush all night. My mind was comforted very much by dreams.

In the morning I was so stiff owing to the intense cold that Aaron had to massage me, after which we walked to Pleasant Hill. Found all well. In the evening Brother Walker arrived from Salmon Falls. Stated that Clem and John were there. Sunday we preached at French Town at 3:00 p.m., and in the evening at Father Lunceford's.

Friday, July 3rd. Brother Aaron Thatcher and I have just returned from a trip to Stockton where we have been to see the brethren and sisters off over the mountains. While there we preached twice. The people paid good attention. We found the following Brothers and Sisters: Brother John Abbott, Brother Williams and Wife, Sister Roach and Sister Scott. They were all glad to see us. We met Brother Theodore Curtis and family, Sister King and four children, etc. The brethren from Yolo County intended going the Harry James route. It was in serious condition. Consequently, Brother Curtis had to start alone by way of the Big Tree Route. He left some of his luggage in order to take Sister King. I feel to ask the Lord to bless him for so doing. I will add that he kept us near all the time we were at Stockton.

President Cannon arrived on the second of July. I was truly rejoiced to see him. He gave us instructions to confine our labors here and not kill ourselves traveling all over the country. He told us if we thought we could catch up with the company he would like us to do so in order to ascertain whether Brother Thatcher could take Sister King from Carson Valley on to Utah.

Accordingly we started about 8 o'clock pm. and walked 40 miles, then laid down on the open Prairie till dawn. Next morning called at Mr. Lockhart's. Had breakfast and then pursued our journey to this place where we arrived about two a.m. Walked 60 miles in 25 hours. We found Brother Boyle and all of the folks from Yolo County. Brother Thatcher and family, Brother Anderson and family, and Brother Daugherty O. Harmon, G. W. Rogers, etc., numbering twelve in all. They were all glad to see us. I was so glad that I forgot all about being tired. Our feet were very much blistered, so much so that I could scarcely get about when I got cool. I realize that it is a treat to get among such good Saints that composed this company. To tell the truth, they are not often met with in the country. We held meeting in the Mormon Camp at 3:00 p.m. Most of the Brethren spoke their feelings, myself among the number. We also met in the evening at Father Lunceford's. The Saints feel good. We have slept out of doors the last 10 or 12 days lately and I begin to feel the effects of the same. The Saints all tell me I look pale and thin. I weighed when I was in Stockton and instead of weighing 152 lbs I lack 20 of it. The most I could go, walking stick and all, was 132 lbs. Brother Thatcher agreed to take Sister King and family on from Carson Valley.

Saturday, July 4th. One of Brother Thatcher's best mares, worth $300.00, broke her leg, or rather a horse kicked her. We have been trying all day to fix her. Dr. Anderson splinted and bandaged her leg twice and she kicked it off.

Sunday, July 5th. We have held three meetings. One in the morning at French Town, one at the camp at 3:00 p.m. and one in the evening at Father Lunceford's. I have not spent a happier day for sometime. I feel that the Lord is blessing us. It does my heart good to have brother Clement do well. He is a good boy, in fact all of the young Elders are improving.

Monday, July 6th. Spent the most of the day trying to fix the mare. The company started about 8 o'clock a.m. It really was a great trial to part but I hope we will all meet very soon in Zion. I for one feel strengthened to go forth and do my duty and stay on this mission as long as they want me. As far as that goes I feel to say the will of the Lord be done. We preached at French Town in the evening. After meeting the folks kept us up till a late hour talking about Mormonism. We stayed all night at Mr. Watson's. They do not belong to the Church but are friendly. He told me we could preach there as often as we liked.

Tuesday, July 7th. I have been very sick all day and although I was very bad we went to French Creek and preached at Mr. Watkin's house to quite a large room full. He also gave us the privilege of preaching there as often as we liked. After the meeting was over I asked the congregation if they wanted to ask any questions, we would answer them with pleasure. A young man, James Burgman, said he had a very important question to ask. That was, would we go home with him and stay all night. We soon settled that by bidding all good evening and accompanied him to his miners cabin, and I enjoyed a good night's rest.

Wednesday a.m. After breakfast we returned to Brother Lunceford's and I spent most of the day in bed, but in the evening I got better.

Thursday we went to Buckeye and we got liberty to preach in the schoolhouse. We lighted it up but we waited in vain for the people to turn out. Accordingly, about one half past 8:00 pm. we blew out the candle and walked home again to Brother Lunceford's

Friday evening, July 10th. We preached to quite a room full. After meeting they kept us up as usual asking questions till a late hour.

Saturday, July 11th. We gave out appointments to preach on the Book of Mormon, etc. Sunday the 12th we held two meetings. In the evening I baptized a Mr. Barnes, Edward Barns, a new member. We had a kind of a social meeting in the evening at which time we confirmed him a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, etc. We had a good time.

I was introduced to Mr. Bigler. He left Salt Lake in '53. Has been trying to make money. He is a wiser man than when he first came here. So much for California. This is the testimony of all of the Saints that have left Utah. When they reach here they find that it is not all gold that glitters. There are quite a few in French Town inquiring into the truth of Mormonism. I am in hopes that ere long we will be able to organize a branch in this place.

Monday, July 13th. I wrote to Brother G. Q. Cannon and W. H. Sherman, etc. I forgot to write yesterday that we sold 3 pamphlets on polygamy. A Mr. John Clinton subscribed $5.00 for the Standard, paying one year in advance. Brother Barns and Brother Todd ordered two Books of Mormon, Key to Theology, and one Doctrine and Covenants. I wrote to Brother Cannon to send them up in the afternoon. After waiting in the rain to hear some tidings of Brother Wilkie, we walked eight miles to Mr. Nisewanger's. Found him just packed up ready to start in the morning for Carson Valley to trade dry goods, etc. While here I had an opportunity of reading a Missouri Republican. It gives an awful account about the Mormons, Brother Pratt, etc.

Tuesday, July 14th a.m. We walked to White Rock Springs. Saw Brother George Kemp. After resting a while we walked on to Sister Mills. Found her and the children well. He had gone to Folsom and did not get back till evening. Brother David Thorne came over and stayed all of the afternoon. He says he wishes he had never left the valley like a good many more, etc. Brother Wilkie came to see us and took us to the hotel. Gave us a good be, etc. When I baptized Brother Edward Barns on Sunday I did not change my clothes and now I am suffering severely from a bad cold.

* footnote 7:
If this is Carson City in Nevada, it is east northeast of San Francisco, over the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

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