Wednesday, July 15th, Wall Diggings. Walked to Sister Bell's and found her sick. At her request she renewed her covenants. I baptized her in Carson Creek. We reconfirmed her a member of the Church and preached in the evening. Very few attended. Went home with Mr. Outhouse. He said that he had got to believe that there was neither God nor Devil nor a hereafter. Yet he said he knew if there was anything true it was Mormonism. He liked the Mormons better than any other people, and enjoyed himself in their society. Said if he only knew whether it was what it professed to be nothing would prevent him from living and dying a Mormon, etc. I told him if that was all he wanted he was to renew his covenant, live faithful and he could know for himself, etc.

Thursday, July 16th, Willow Springs. When we arrived at Brother Thomas Hindley's we found him selling out in order to start immediately for San Bernardino in route to Utah.

Friday the 17th, p.m. Walked to Dry Town. Found the Brethren and sisters well. Held meeting in the evening in the Chapel. The people turned out well. Brother Griffins spoke first. I followed and spoke freely, etc.

Saturday the 18th. I rebaptized Brother Robert Plunkett Jr. and reconfirmed him a member, etc. Sister Plunkett gave us $2.50. The Lord will bless her. She also sent money to Brother Cannon. Brother Thomas Hindley started for San Bernardino this morning. Walked to Grissley Flats, a distance of 35 miles. Stayed at Hang Town Company's Camp where we found Brother Griffins wife. They have been living separate from each other for near a year. We tried in vain to make peace between them, she stating that she could not place any dependence upon him, he having deceived her so often. Also that he used to get down and abuse her, etc. I have heard both sides of the question and I believe there are faults on both sides, about six of one and half a dozen of the other.

Sunday we got liberty to preach in the City Hall. Appointment to preach at 2:00 p.m. Had a few turn out and at their request postponed it until evening. We went and heard the Reverend Mr. French preach on "Let Us Work While It Is Day, For The Night Cometh When No Man Worketh." I could not get an idea. I would like to know what good it does when men cannot learn anything pertaining to salvation. We had a crowded house in the evening, in fact there were numbers that could not obtain seats. After I had got through speaking they clapped their hands and stomped their feet, however, we got them quiet so as to dismiss the meeting. A Mr. Bang, who knew Brother Aaron at Salmon Falls, gave us $3.50 to pay for our supper and bed. He was the only one who offered to assist.

Monday, July 20th. Walked to Cedar Ravine to Brother Henrick's. We walked about 30 miles passing through Pleasant Valley, New Town, Fort Jim, etc. Our feet are very much blistered.

Tuesday, July 21st. Found Brother Ricks family all well. We preached in the public streets. We commenced by singing, "Come Let Us Anew." The crowd began coming together. Brother Thatcher opened meeting with prayer. I then mounted a box placed there for that purpose and boldly and freely preached on the first principles of the Gospel. After preaching for near an hour the people made such a noise that I was obliged to desist. Not long after I commenced speaking, some person threw a stone hard at my head. They threw it a little too high for it struck a cloth over my head which took its force. They also threw some mush melons or squash and struck me on the back of my head, but it did not hurt me. I can truly say I knew no fear, I really felt well. Brother A. Thatcher got up and spoke with power but they would not let him continue longer than five minutes. The meeting then broke up in an uproar. Brother Taylor then gave us $2.50 to give Sister Bird to help keep us as they were poor.

Wednesday, July 22nd. Preached to quite a respectable audience, also visited Mr. William Cooke Jr. He was out of work. Stayed with Brother Hendry till Friday, 24th, then walked to French Town. Held meeting.

Sunday. Last night I baptized Brother John Clinton, also held meeting. Held two meetings today at French Town and in the evening at Father Lunceford's.

Monday evening. Preached at French Creek. I almost forgot to state that Brother Farrers arrived from San Francisco on Saturday. He left Utah on the 17th of May. He is going back to the Gold Mines.

Friday. We have just returned from a trip to Union Town and Calama. Preached last night at French Town. After meeting had quite a long argument with a Methodist.

Saturday, August 1st. Brother Aaron and I walked to Salmon Falls where we arrived between 10 and 11 a.m. Met with President George Q. Cannon and Brother W. H. Shearman, my own brother Clem and others. Clem was sick with a bad cold, but all felt well. I can truly say that I rejoiced once more to see and meet with the Brethren. Father and Mother and Sarah Lunceford came over in their wagon with a number of others from different parts of the Gold Mines. We continued conference until Monday evening. The people began to get quite hostile. Brother Cannon said if we kept conference on a day or two longer we might get mobbed out. We received many valuable teachings from Brothers Cannon and Shearman. We had a good time. To tell the truth I was sorry when conference adjourned. The Brothers and Sisters Orr and Allred treated us very kindly and hospitably.

A meeting was appointed at Father Lunceford's on the following Sunday and I was appointed to go around to White Rock Springs, Prairie City, Wall Diggings, Deer Creek, etc., to inform the Saints. I would state that the business that was done at conference was intended to get the Saints together, warm them up and lay before them the necessity to buy a Printing Press to send to the Sandwich Islands. The various Elders gave in their reports in regard to the work in our respective fields of labor, the sum substance of which was that opposition was on the increase, that the work was slowly and steadily increasing. According to my report we had baptized 10 new members and rebaptized four old members, and others that are inquiring into the truth, that our field was too large, etc. I am thankful to say that both Brother Cannon and brother Shearman were highly pleased with us boys.

Tuesday. Most of the brethren left for their different fields of labor. Brothers Cannon and Shearman started for Union Town and on Wednesday, although I had two or three attacks of cold chills, I started on my mission. It was with extreme difficulty that I reached Brother Miller's. As soon as I got there I went to bed. Next morning I went around to Prairie City and on to Wall's Diggings, stopped at Mr. Joseph Outhouse's where I went to bed as soon as I arrived. I continued to get worse. They were very kind to me and did all they could to make me comfortable.

Next day, August 7th, Friday. Pursued my journey (the sun was perfectly scorching). Called at Nisewanger's. He gave me an orange which revived me much. I have not had such a hard time to travel since I have been on this mission. However, I managed to reach Father Lunceford's almost unconscious. I was in a very high fever. It was not long before I was again in bed. The family were as much concerned as if I had been a member of the family.

Next day, Saturday, August 8th. Brothers George Q. Cannon, Shearman, A. Thatcher, and Farrer arrived. On Sunday the 9th, soon after meeting commenced, a large fire broke out (owing to the carelessness of the Indians) at the other end of Father Lunceford's ranch. Closed the meeting and all the Brethren went to try to save the fence. Quite a number turned out to meeting. Met again in the afternoon and evening. Received much valuable instruction from President Cannon and Brother Shearman. Some of the Brethren contributed very liberally to the Hawaiian Press, the Hall in San Francisco, etc. I am still very weak and sick and no appetite.

Monday the 10th. Except for Brother Farrer's, all of the brethren left for Salmon Falls. On Tuesday I grew worse. I got Brother Farrers to administer to me and afterwards he and Brother Barnes laid hands on me. All pain left me immediately and from that time have kept getting better.

On Friday evening, August 14th, Brother Samuel Lunceford arrived from Utah. He has come to assist the folks over the plains as Father Lunceford is feeble, and in fact almost helpless.

Saturday evening. Brother W. R. McLean arrived from Carson Valley.

Sunday 16th. Preached twice at French Creek and in the evening at Father Lunceford's. Had a good time. I felt much of the Spirit of talking to the Saints and that in plainness. I do want the Saints to realize the privileges they enjoy.

Monday. I laid by with a stone bruise on my toe. I forgot to state that Brother Aaron arrived last evening. We also collected about $17.00 for the Hawaiian Press. Tuesday, Aaron and I walked to the Salmon falls. Brother Shearman had just left there. In the evening brother Clem and John arrived. Spent the evening very agreeably together.

Wednesday, August 19th. Aaron and I walked to Folsom. Met with Brother Shearman according to previous appointment. We preached in the Methodist Chapel. About twenty turned out. After meeting, Brother Shearman stated that we were strangers and had no home, consequently, a gentleman, Mr. Openall took us in. He treated us very kindly. He informed us that he was in great trouble. His wife had left him and was then living in the city with another man.

Thursday, the 20th. Walked to White Rock and held meeting in the evening. Brother Miller got up and confessed his faults.

Friday the 21st. Brother Shearman accompanied Brother and Sister Allred to Stockton [east of San Francisco] on their way to join the August Company to Utah. We rode in Brother Orr's wagon to Salmon falls. Saturday they gave me a shirt. We walked over hill and dale to Union Town. Called at old father and Mother Wimmer's. In the evening we met with Brothers John and Clem. Tried to hold meetings but the folks there threw rocks and yelled like perfect devils. They told us they had only drunk 15 gallons of loger beer. We had to break up the meeting but not before I had tried to speak to them, but it was useless. It grieved me to see Christians, so called, act in the way they do.

Sunday, 23rd of August, Calama. I preached to a respectable congregation at 10:00 a.m.

In the afternoon we walked 6 or 7 miles to Irish Creek. Found about 12 or 14 Kanakas. They wanted us to hold meeting directly we got there. We complied with them and preached once before and once after supper in their own language. They treated us well, they killed chickens. One of them prayed and thanked the Lord for sending His servants to them.

Monday, August 24th. After breakfast I preached again with much freedom, after which walked to George Town. Got liberty to preach in the Town Hall, but some mischievous person or other fixed the bell so we could not ring it, however, we lighted up the hall and waited some considerable time, but not a soul came. Possibly owing to a large political meeting to be held in the upper part of town. We all four went up just to look on. We heard the most miserable mess of nonsense and slander called speeches by Dr. Poamel and Gipor.

Tuesday Morning. We, accompanied by John and Clem, walked back to Union Town. Ate dinner at Sister Plumtree's, after which we walked to Calama where Mr. Peter (Puki) Wimmer gave us liberty to eat all of the peaches we could. We then walked to Hang Town. Found Brother Bird and family mostly sick. We also met with Brother Farrer, he was well. Next morning Brother Hendry gave Brother Farrer $10.00 for the press and $1.50 for books. Brother Farrer then went on to Father Lunceford's, and we stayed all day with Brother Hendry. I forgot to state before that I received a letter from my youngest sister, Amelia, informing me that she was married to Captain Golts, that she has a son. They are now residing in Tahiti, one of the Society Islands. She is very much opposed to Mormonism. Wants to know how long Clem is to be a slave to those witches (Mormons). I also received a letter from James McKnight from San Bernardino, stating that he has a daughter, is doing and feeling well. I have answered both letters besides writing to Lililehua, a Hawaiian Elder. I would have like to have preached here but there is such an excitement all over the country about the coming election.

Thursday, August 27th, 1857. In the evening we walked to Mr. Kelly's, formerly a Mormon. He was not at home, however, his wife treated us kindly. Spent the evening the same as last, talking on Mormonism, singing, etc.

Friday, August 28th. Started for Dry Town about 6:00 a.m. Called at Mud Springs. No letters for either of us. When we got to Log Town two of the Brethren from French Town caught up to us, namely Brother John Clinton and Thomas R. Ezzal. They had come for counsel. They were desirous of going to Utah in the August Company. I wrote out their certificate and promised to be back if possible to French Town either Saturday night or Sunday. They calculate to start straight over the mounts and meet the Company in Carson Valley. Brother Clinton gave us $1.50 to get our dinner. We then pursued our journey and arrived at Sister Plunketts at Dry Town at about 1:00 p.m. Found them all well and glad to see us. The Democrats held a political meeting in the evening which was disturbed by two fights. One man got his thumb nearly bit off.

Sunday Morning. Borrowed a horse of Mr. W. O. Clark and rode to French Creek. Arrived there about noon. I took the route by Rich Bar. Held meeting at French Town at 3:00 .m. and in the evening at Father Lunceford's. Most of them had been, and some were still sick. Next morning I returned to Dry Town before breakfast. Brother Shearman had not yet arrived.

Brother Barnes wants to get off with the August Company. Brother Cannon ordained him an Elder when he was up and there was some talk of sending him on a mission. He has received letters from the States stating his sister, with whom he entrusted his children is now dead and his brother-in-law has put his children out to board and sent for him to go back. It is the feeling of Aaron and I that he go to Utah this fall.

I spent most of Monday reading and writing. We would have preached but the Republican Party held a meeting. I wrote to Brother Thomas Hindley, and today Tuesday, reports. I wrote to Brother George Q. Cannon and ________. I went over to the graveyard to see the Chinese feed their dead. They spread their dishes and cups over the tops of the grave, fill the plates with port, peaches, etc., fill some cups with tea and the rest with Brandy. They then burnt a quantity of paper of all colors, chips of wood and wax candles, after which they sprinkle the tea and brandy over the grave. While the fire was burning they made obeisance to the grave. When they got through they put the food back into their baskets and returned home.

Wednesday, September 2nd. Brother Shearman arrived about noon. The reason why he has been detained so long is owing to the Company not reaching Stockton till last Sunday noon. They started on Monday 31st of August in high spirits.

Thursday, September 3rd. Fasted all day. Brother Shearman preached in the Chapel. Very few attended.

Friday, September 4th. Brother Shearman preached again in the evening on the subject, "The Kingdom of God". We don't calculate to preach there again.

Saturday, September 5th. Brother Shearman and I walked to Ione City. Preached in the school house to quite a large and respectable audience. After meeting Brother Shearman told the folks we had nothing to eat since morning and we had no place to stay. They collected $4.50 besides paying for our expense at the Veranda Hotel.

Sunday, walked to Mr. Streeter's, Ione valley. Preached at 3:00 p.m. in the schoolhouse. Stayed all night at Mr. Streeter's and next day, Monday, September 7th, walked back to Dry Town. Sister Plunkett gave me $2.50. Next day Tuesday, we walked to Michigan Bar with Homer Clarke. Preached in the Hall in the evening.

Wednesday, the 9th. Walked to Brother J. Cottam's, stayed all night. Next morning started before breakfast to see Dr. Rutherford. He was gone out. We waited till 12:00 a.m. before he returned. After refreshing the inner man we walked to Rock Springs. Called at Rhodes Diggings, saw Sister Bell and found Brother Jeremiah Thomas very sick. Stayed at Brother Miller's all night. Next morning administered to Brother Thomas, then walked to Brother Lunceford's. Called at Nicewanger's and Wagner's. Held meeting in the evening. Met with Elders C. Cottam, A. D. Thatcher, John Thatcher, and Brother William Farrer.

Sunday, 13th September. Preached at French Creek, a.m. After dinner I baptized Brother Owen Williamson. He is 63 years old, was born in South Carolina in the year 1795. Held meetings at 3 and 7 p.m. at Father Lunceford's and partook of the Sacrament. Brother Shearman has been quite sick but is better. I have fasted all day. I have enjoyed myself very much all day.

I related (in meeting) a vision I had Friday night. The future was opened up to my mind and it appeared to me that I could distinctly hear voices. He was wailing, etc., "Oh that we had done what the servants of the Lord wanted us to do, then we would have been delivered from this day of blackness and despair. O then we would have been in Zion in safety." It appeared to my mind that pestilence, fire and sword and destruction was stalking through the land. I got so horror stricken at what I saw that the vision passed away from me.

Monday, September 14th. Brother Aaron and I walked to Placerville. Stayed all night with Brother Hendry. Next day we traveled all over trying to get subscriptions to the Standard, Hall, etc. Sold one Key to Theology to Brother Hendry for $1.00. He also gave a dollar for the Hall, besides making me a present of a pair of pants, cost $8.00. Walked to Smith's Flats to see Mr. William Cooke Jr., he was out at work and we did not have time to stay. The excitement about the Mormons is on the increase. It is reported that the Mormons have fought a battle with the U.S.A. Troops. Brother Brigham himself killed six hundred, etc.

Wednesday, September 16th. Walked back to French Town. Preached in the evening. As usual sat up half the night talking on Mormonism.

Thursday, September 17th. Walked to Father Lunceford's and Mother Lunceford put a new lining in my coat. I ripped the lining out of an old pair of pants, washed it clean, and then lined my new ones with it. Brother Farrer arrived from White Rock Springs. Bye the Bye, I got a letter out of the Post Office at Mud Springs yesterday for Father Lunceford. The letter was full of good news written from Provo, Utah Territory.

Friday. Aaron and I walked to Brother Miller's near white Rock Springs. There is quite an excitement about the Mormons. We hear they are all leaving Carson Valley. That all the Elders are called in.

* footnote 8:
When the "Mormons" first came to Utah in 1847 it still belonged to Mexico. A year later, at the end of the Mexican War, it became a territory of the United States, not gaining statehood until 1896. During the Utah War (1857-1858), President James Buchanan sent troops to Utah, along with a new governor. In that "war" there was only one skirmish where gunfire was exchanged, and the only casualties were two horses -- so the news of killings on both sides was only rumor. See Part 40: Historical Background for more details.

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