So she's an author. What else does she do?

secret identity!

  • line art and caricatures
  • screeving: sidewalk chalk art
  • ventriloquism
  • Celtic harp, langeleik, sheepbone flute, recorder
  • spinning and tablet-weaving
  • sprang netting and naalbinding (ancient norse crafts)
  • needle-felting (see the fox below)
  • song and story booth* at medieval events...

the author

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flash fiction set in ages past

  • Celtic rebels
  • a girl of Zimbabwe baffled by Portuguese explorers
  • a footsore Norman squire
  • Chinese explorers stranded on Australia's northern coast
  • a Roman soldier gone AWOL and lost in a haunted forest
  • a cacao farmer paddling along the Caribbean coast
  • ...and many more tales


flash fiction in many genres

A menagerie of flash fiction, hatched from ideas of many colors from here, there, and elsewhere: mostly fantasy but a sprinkling of sci-fi and contemporary.
  • chalk drawings rise to ominous life
  • a Sasquatch laments intrusion by little folk
  • a feline guardian prevents disaster
  • post-apocalypse lament about the cause of civilization's downfall
  • a housewife's wild adventures at the mall opening
  • a ghost finally wins free of the haunted mansion
  • ...and many more tales


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Family history works

authored or edited by Joyce Holt

Frederick William Hurst: accidental world traveler in the mid-1800's... sailing by tall ship from England to New Zealand to Australia to Hawaii to San Francisco; later by steam clipper from San Francisco back to New Zealand

Frederick William Hurst's artwork

(with commentary by Joyce Holt)

or view his work online: