So she's an author. What else does she do?

secret identity!

  • line art and caricatures
  • book cover art
  • screeving: sidewalk chalk art
  • ventriloquism
  • Celtic harp, langeleik, sheepbone flute, recorder
  • spinning and tablet-weaving
  • sprang netting and naalbinding (ancient norse crafts)
  • needle-felting (see the fox below)
  • song and story booth* at medieval events...

the author

Where can I find her?

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Safe and Scrumptious:

Tasty recipes free of wheat, corn, milk, and tree nuts

(second edition)

A 104-page cookbook with recipes free from wheat, corn, milk, and tree nuts, including these sections:

  • Substitutions
  • Grains
  • Cookies and Cakes
  • Pies, Crisps, and other fruit delights
  • Desserts and Candy
  • Dressings and Condiments
  • Vegetables
  • Eggs, Legumes, and Chili
  • Soups and Stews
  • Meaty Main Dishes
  • Beverages
  • Miscellaneous (including plant food)

The $5.00 book includes a few tips for avoiding corn products, which aren't always flagged on labels.

You can read a wider variety of Holt's not-yet-published flash fiction on

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flash fiction set in ages past

  • Celtic rebels
  • a girl of Zimbabwe baffled by Portuguese explorers
  • a footsore Norman squire
  • Chinese explorers stranded on Australia's northern coast
  • a Roman soldier gone AWOL and lost in a haunted forest
  • a cacao farmer paddling along the Caribbean coast
  • ...and many more tales

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flash fiction in many genres

A menagerie of flash fiction, hatched from ideas of many colors from here, there, and elsewhere: mostly fantasy but a sprinkling of sci-fi and contemporary.
  • chalk drawings rise to ominous life
  • a Sasquatch laments intrusion by little folk
  • a feline guardian prevents disaster
  • post-apocalypse lament about the cause of civilization's downfall
  • a housewife's wild adventures at the mall opening
  • a ghost finally wins free of the haunted mansion
  • ...and many more tales

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Family history works

authored or edited by Joyce Holt

Frederick William Hurst: accidental world traveler in the mid-1800's... sailing by tall ship from England to New Zealand to Australia to Hawaii to San Francisco; later by steam clipper from San Francisco back to New Zealand

Frederick William Hurst's artwork

(with commentary by Joyce Holt)

or view his work online:

Fiddle and Fjell:

a family saga from Telemark, Norway

Behind the dry, dusty names in ancestral charts dwell real people with hopes and dreams, fears and challenges. The folk of Kviteseid -- a remote, mountainous parish of Telemark, Norway -- left a barebones legacy behind them. We know the dates and places of major events, but not the circumstances surrounding them. We have no record of personalities and friendships, opinions and beliefs, conflicts and compromises.

FIDDLE AND FJELL weaves imagined story strands into the fabric of real lives lived long ago, embroidered with colorful threads of Norse culture and history.

Written and illustrated by a long-lost daughter of Kviteseid, separated by an ocean and four generations from the fjells of Telemark, Norway.