A realm of tales

...from long ago...

Historical Fantasy

Roam the haunted heights and wildwoods of Dark Ages Norway and England


"A tale of fantasy in which magic, folklore, and history are seamlessly interwoven..."

"This tale kept me on the edge of my chair ..."

"A wonderful tale of dreams, hopes, foolish deeds, courage and friendship woven into a tapestry of myths and legends..."

"A fantastic page turner with compelling characters and mythical beings..."

"...a fun adventure for those who like fantasy and adventure with far from perfect people..."


"A fascinating insight into creatures of Norse legends and myths, interwoven into a young woman's plight. A wealth of characters, some adorable and some hateful..."

"An exciting story with a great heroine and a compelling quest... I like the richly detailed world, and the writing is beautiful... If you enjoy a good story this comes highly recommended!"

...or from far ahead...

Science Fiction

- Terraforming a barren earthlike planet? Good.
- Bioengineering with unwitting human subjects? Bad.


"An original, exciting, action-filled science fiction plot, plausible and meticulously planned...."

"Joyce Holt has done it again. Sucked me into this YA Sci- fantasy page turner of a story. Loved the characters and their dilemmas. Clever ideas. Enjoyed how I knew more than the main character although the truth was only hinted at..."

"Beguiling notions An interesting foray into future genetics and scientific experimentation..."

Don't have time for novels?

Flash Fiction Anthologies

For the busy modern reader, more than 100 short-short stories retelling little-known folklore. Each tale, 600 words or less!

Flash Fiction Anthologies:

"For anyone interested in Norse fairy tales, or for lovers of fairy tales in general, this comfortable and valuable little book is a must-have, a wonderful introduction to a diverse but almost forgotten literature..."

"Spun Again is a treasure trove of enriched Scandinavian tales that introduced me to long ago creatures and everyday folk. I was transported to another time and place rich in imagery and smells and traditions..."

"Joyce Holt has the magical ability to not only retell old folktales with authenticity and charm but to immerse me so deeply in the experience that I have trouble coming back to this century. You'll want to take these short trips with this gifted writer again and again!"

Low prices!

Only $10-13 per paperback novel… and less for the anthologies.

Priced even lower: $2.99 per Kindle ebook.
You can get the 5 book series, Tapestry of Cumbria,
on Kindle for only $14.95!