"The Artwork of
Frederick William Hurst"

a 70-page 8x10 inch print-on-demand book
containing 50 of Frederick's sketches and
4 of his paintings in full color

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The Diary of
Frederick William Hurst

originally compiled
by Samuel H. and Ida Hurst in 1961

Web site created
by Joyce Holt in 2001

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portrait of Frederick William Hurst

Part 1
Part 34
His travels around the world
History thru his eyes
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  Frederick William Hurst's travels around the world
  Noted moments in history

  Web pages: pages in 1961 edition of diary
                            ... and years spanned

  The artwork of Frederick William Hurst       plus an intricate drawing (art nouveau?) by his son, Frederick Jr

  Frederick William Hurst's dreams and visions
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  Frederick William Hurst's relatives
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  Frederick William Hurst's acquaintances

  Credit: Samuel H Hurst   Credit: Joyce Holt   Credit: Sharon Holt

Frederick William Hurst's diary --
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Frederick William Hurst's artwork --
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or view his work here
  on this website:

- 50 sketches
- 4 paintings

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