Fiction Favorites

Series playing out long ago upon the Isle of Albion

"The Arthur Books"
"Saxon Stories"
(Danish invasions on Britain's east coast)

"The Pendragon Cycle"
"King Raven trilogy"

"The Plantagenet and Tudor Novels"

"Bridei's Chronicles"
(set in a kingdom of the Priteni/Picts)

Other authors you'll find on my shelves

Topping the list will always be J.R.R.Tolkien, but he has good company:

Peter S. Beagle
Orson Scott Card
Agatha Christie
Ken Follett
Neil Gaiman
Robert A. Heinlein
James Herriot
Diana Wynne Jones
Ursula K. LeGuin
C.S. Lewis
Anne McCaffrey
George R.R. Martin
Andre Norton
Patrick Rothfuss
Mary Stewart
Vernor Vinge
Connie Willis

New authors of fantasy and historical fiction

I've read excerpts of Seeing Blue and Kingdom. Delightful novels! Wollaston has the knack for painting vivid surroundings and breathing life into her characters.

Carter's amazing novel, THE LOST VALOR OF LOVE, is set three millennia ago during the horrendous battles between ancient Egyptians and Hittites.

My review of THE LOST VALOR OF LOVE: "I don't usually read romances, preferring more variety in plotlines, but Valor just swept me away! Carter's writing is astounding. Perfect pacing, sentence structure lyrical and varied and natural, high tension, incredible reader identification with characters (who are deeply layered, not stark black and white). Wow."

Sites about history in my favorite corner of England